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Thank you Penguin! (@Carol4OliveFarm @MichaelJBooks ‏@PenguinUKBooks)

**I first published this post on an old blog site on 8 September 2016**

To coincide with today’s paperback release of the wonderful The Forgotten Summer by Carol Drinkwater, the Marketing Team at Michael Joseph, Penguin Random House, have put together some great cards with quotes from bloggers and readers to share. How fabulous is that?!

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Books · Carol Drinkwater · Reviews

The Forgotten Summer by Carol Drinkwater (@Carol4OliveFarm) @MichaelJBooks

**I first published this post on an old blog site on 2 May 2016**

I wanted to share with you the best book I have read this year. The Forgotten Summer, published in February 2016, is the latest book from one of my favourite authors: Carol Drinkwater. DSC_0236

My initial idea for this post was going to be a detailed review of the book. I had read several good and in-depth reviews of The Forgotten Summer and thought, “I can do that. How hard can it be?” Well, as I put pen to paper, I struggled. It was not because I didn’t know what to say about the book. I loved this book and I could talk about it all day long. When it came to writing about it, I just didn’t know where to begin.

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