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A Sarah’s Vignettes Book Review: The Glass House by Eve Chase (@EvePollyChase) ~ @MichaelJBooks #BlogTour

I am thrilled to be sharing my review of The Glass House by Eve Chase with you today.

My thanks to Gaby Young at Michael Joseph for inviting me to take part in the blog tour and for sending me a digital proof copy of the book via NetGalley in return for my honest review.

Before I share my thoughts with you, here is what The Glass House is about.

~ From the back of the book ~

Outside a remote manor house in an idyllic wood, a baby girl is found.

The Harrington family takes her in and disbelief quickly turns to joy. They’re grieving a terrible tragedy of their own and the beautiful baby fills them with hope, lighting up the house’s dark, dusty corners. Desperate not to lose her to the authorities, they keep her secret, suspended in a blissful summer world where normal rules of behaviour – and the law – don’t seem to apply.

But within days a body will lie dead in the grounds. And their dreams of a perfect family will shatter like glass.

Years later, the truth will need to be put back together again, piece by piece . . .

~ My thoughts ~

The Glass House by Eve Chase is a book I kept hearing a lot about. Sometimes when a book is that anticipated, it can be a disappointment. I need not have worried though because it is brilliant!

Eve Chase’s writing is beautiful. She has an exquisite turn of phrase. Her strong use of imagery to emphasise, results in vivid description and plants you right in the story. 

The plot is easy to follow and is split into 2 timelines: the summer of 1971 and the present day.

The 1971 story follows Rita Murphy, a nanny to the Harrington family, who moves for the summer with Jeannie, the mother, and her 2 children, Hera and Teddy to Foxcote Manor, an isolated house in the Forest of Dean. Walter Harrington, the husband, stays behind in London to manage the family business. When Hera finds an abandoned baby at the gates of the house, the family try to keep her a secret for as long as possible. But this family has deeper secrets of which the consequences are far reaching. When a body is found days later in the woods, their lives will never be the same again.

The present day story follows Sylvie, a makeup artist, who is dealing with a lot: trying to look after her mum, her daughter Annie, whilst recently separating from her husband. 

As the story of the summer of 1971 plays out and Sylvie’s story progresses, it slowly becomes clear how the past and present are connected and the two stories come together well at the end. The pace of the book is measured. The scenes moved along at a good speed and kept me engaged in the story. 

There are a cast of interesting characters in The Glass House. The story is told from 3 points of view: Rita and Hera, in 1971 and Sylvie in present day. I found it easy to relate to all 3 of them. For me, the woods are a character too. Eve Chase’s sense of place is extraordinary and rich. The woods are creepy, sinister and atmospheric. It really adds to the darkness of the story.

The Glass House is an intelligently constructed mystery full of family secrets. It’s about belonging and how we find ourselves when we are most lost. It also explores family dynamics and the effects of grief on both an individual and those closest to them. 

I thoroughly enjoyed The Glass House and I am thrilled to have found a new author whose 2 previous books are out there waiting for me.

~ Where to find The Glass House ~

The Glass House by Eve Chase was published in hardback by Michael Joseph in the UK on 14 May 2020. It can be ordered from all good bookshops as well as from Hive (support an independent bookshop with every purchase). It is also on Goodreads.

~ About Eve Chase ~

Eve Chase is the author of Black Rabbit Hall and The Wildling Sisters, and the pseudonym of journalist and novelist Polly Williams. She lives in Oxford, England with her husband and three children.

(source: Goodreads)

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