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Sarah’s Vignettes Literary Lowdown – 23-29 March 2020

Welcome to this week’s round-up of book life at Sarah’s Vignettes.

How are you? I hope you are keeping safe and well. Have you found lots of great books to lose yourself in? Reading provides the perfect escape 🙂

Keep scrolling to get the lowdown on what’s been going on here at Sarah’s Vignettes, the books I’ve been adding to my shelves, and other bookish delights.

~ On my blog ~

Summer in Provence by Lucy Coleman

On Thursday, I shared my review for Summer in Provence by Lucy Coleman. This book gave me hope and warmed my heart. It’s the perfect escapist read.

~ On my calendar ~

photo from My VLF Twitter page

Whilst we can’t go out and about to book events, we can still join them virtually.

Yesterday I dipped into the My VLF Crime/Thriller Book Festival to listen to an interview with author Sarah Vaughan and join the live Q&A afterwards. Sarah spoke about her upcoming novel Little Disasters (published by Simon & Schuster on April 2nd), her writing and research. She also treated us to a reading from Little Disasters. I was so captivated that I pre-ordered a copy straight away. I want to know how the story continues!

Sarah Vaughan
Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan

All author interviews from yesterday’s Crime/Thriller Boo Festival are available to view on-demand from My Virtual Literary Festival, along with interviews from past events. I would really recommend watching them.

It’s a good time to be accessing virtual book stuff. I’ve seen lots of authors and publishers putting on live events and chats. Check out your favourite authors and publishers social media pages to see if they are doing anything.

~ On my bookshelf ~

I’ve added 1 book to my bookshelf this week.

My Sardinian Summer by Michaël Uras

My Sardinian Summer is a translation from the French: La maison à droite de celle de ma grand-mère (literally translates as the house to the right of my grandmother’s). As a French speaker, I tend to stay away from reading books translated from French as I prefer to read the original. However, I really like the sound of this one and, at 208 pages, it will make a nice afternoon read.

My Sardinian Summer by Michael Uras

Giacomo is stuck in a funk he can’t shake – and a translation he can’t finish. When he’s summoned home to Sardinia, to say a final goodbye to his dying grandmother, he’s offered the perfect opportunity to escape.

On the noisy, sun-drenched island, Giacomo reconnects with long-lost friends and overbearing relatives, relives the childhood he once couldn’t wait to leave behind, and rediscovers new joie-de-vivre within him. Never mind that he’s making no progress on his translation. . .

When the time comes to leave once more, Giacomo wonders: has he fallen back in love with his home-island? Or has he been hiding from something which he needs the courage to return and confront?

But most importantly – is his grandma really as ill as she’s claiming to be?

~ On my bedside table ~

Conjure Women by Afia Atakora

I’m reading Conjure Women by Afia Atakora. I’ll be sharing my review here on April 18th.

Conjure Women by Afia Atakora

The pale-skinned, black-eyed baby is a bad omen. That’s one thing the people on the old plantation are sure of. The other is that Miss Rue – midwife, healer, crafter of curses – will know what to do.

But for once Rue doesn’t know. Times have changed since her mother Miss May Belle held the power to influence the life and death of her fellow slaves. Freedom has come. The master’s Big House lies in ruins. But this new world brings new dangers, and Rue’s old magic may be no match for them.

When sickness sweeps across her tight-knit community, Rue finds herself the focus of suspicion. What secrets does she keep amidst the charred remains of the Big House? Which spells has she conjured to threaten their children? And why is she so wary of the charismatic preacher man who promises to save them all?

Rue understands fear. It has shaped her life and her mother’s before her. And now she knows she must face her fears – and her ghosts – to find a new way forward for herself and her people.

What books have you been reading and buying this week? Let me know by leaving a reply in the box below.

Until next week, happy reading!

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