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Blog Tour, Review: The Sea Refuses No River by Bethany Rivers (@bethanyrivers77) ~ @fly_press ~ @annecater

I am pleased to be taking part in the blog tour for The Sea Refuses No River , a collection of poems by Bethany Rivers.

My thanks go to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for giving me the opportunity to take part and to Fly on the Wall Press for sending me a copy of the collection in return from my honest review.

Before I share my thoughts with you, here is a taster of what the collection is about.

Publisher's Description

The journey of grief is a strange one

and one not often talked about in our everyday reality of this society,

but I know what it’s like to dive deep,

down to the bottom of the wreck,

feel the ribs of the wreck,

after losing a parent so young in life“.

In this collection, the sea refuses no river, there is an acceptance of the pain and an acceptance of the healing moments; the healing journeys. To quote Adrienne Rich: I came to explore the wreck’, and in this collection, Bethany discovers how, ‘The words are purposes. The words are maps.’

My thoughts

The Sea Refuses No River is a poetry collection looking at the many aspects of grief. When I was approached about this tour, I was in two minds about signing up to it. Having lost my dad 18 months ago, I wondered whether I would be ready. I needn’t have worried as these poems are beautiful and quite comforting.

Each poem in The Sea Refuses No River is an emotional and honest response to the thoughts and feelings we experience when dealing with grief. Each of us follow a different path and I doubt that any two paths are the same, but I’d like to think that there is a poem here for everyone who has lost someone.

The collection is a journey of grief in itself, starting off with poems about painful moments and moving through to healing and acceptance.

I particularly identified with It’s not about the broccoli. It is a thought-provoking, lovely reaction to the things we wished we had known or asked about the person when they were alive.

The Sea Refuses No River was published by Fly on the Wall Press on 21 June 2019 and can be found at Fly on the Wall, Amazon UK and on Goodreads.

About Bethany Rivers
Bethany Rivers, author photo

Bethany Rivers (M.A. in Creative Writing from Cardiff University) is a poet and author based in Shrewsbury, who has taught creative writing for over eleven years and mentored and coached many writers from the start of their writing project through to publication.

You can find out more about Bethany on her website or connect with her on Twitter @bethanyrivers77 or on Facebook.

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