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One Cornish Summer Publication Day Interview & Giveaway with Liz Fenwick (@liz_fenwick) @orionbooks

I am thrilled to welcome back Liz Fenwick and her sixth book One Cornish Summer to Sarah’s Vignettes today. I have another great interview with Liz to share with you and there are details of a fun giveaway Liz is running over on her social media pages.

I read One Cornish Summer back in March and found it beautiful and poignant (read my review here). I really hope it does well because it deserves to.

~ Publisher’s Description ~

Against the beauty of Cornwall, a story of two women struggling with their past: one cannot remember hers, the other cannot forget…

When Hebe receives a life-changing diagnosis at only 53, she struggles to make sense of what it will mean for her, her job and the man she loves. With memories slipping away by the day, she flees to the one place she has always felt safe and peaceful – Cornwall, and the house her family spent so many summers in.

Lucy is having her own crisis, and seizes the chance to follow her aunt to Cornwall. Curious about what has driven Hebe there after so many years, she also has to battle with the secret she has kept since her family’s last summer there more than ten years ago.

Both women will learn that memories live in our hearts and that sharing secrets can set you free… But can they find their way back to the things that are truly important to them?

~ Interview with Liz Fenwick ~

Welcome back to Sarah’s Vignettes, Liz!! I’m delighted to have you answering more questions about One Cornish Summer, your writing, and Cornwall.

One Cornish Summer is released in paperback today with a gorgeous cover – 36351999_1830756200296228_4707151819883675648_nCongratulations!! For those who are yet to read it, what is it about?

Liz: Two women haunted by the past…one who can’t remember and the other who can’t forget…

In the story, we follow Hebe’s journey as she is coming to terms with a diagnosis of advancing Alzheimers at only 53 years old. I found parts of her story heartbreaking to read. How was it for you to write?

Liz: Heartbreaking. I loved Hebe and to live in her head as the disease took hold was very hard but essential to the story.

Hebe is a really interesting name for a character. How do you choose names for your characters?

Liz: I think I fell in love with the name Hebe from the Mary Wesley book Harnessing Peacocks and it has stayed with me. Sometimes characters come to me fully named but other times I have to ‘live’ with the character a while before it becomes clear. I always check the meaning of the name just to be sure it works as well. Hebe means youth and Hebe was the goddess of youth in Greek mythology…which fits in a way.

I love the tag line for One Cornish Summer: ‘Some secrets last a lifetime…’ and each of your books has a mysterious plotline running through it. What is it about mystery that you love?

Liz: When I’m reading a book I love uncovering secrets and puzzles….and I love doing this while writing as well.

One Cornish Summer is your sixth book. What did you learn from writing this book that may be different from your earlier books?

Liz: For this book it was all about structure…how to find a structure that would tell the story clearly yet highlight the state of Hebe’s mind.


Your gorgeous black cat, Sooty, made an appearance in the last interview, how much does she like to be involved in the writing process?

Liz: Sooty is always about me like my shadow. She loves to sit on the keyboard if I’m not giving her the adoration she feels she deserves!!


It seems that summer has finally arrived in England (hurrah!!) and some of the photos of Cornwall I’ve seen just make me want to head on a train and walk along the beaches. It is stunning!! What would your ideal Cornish Summer involve?

IMG_0381 (1)

Liz: A few years ago when all the family were around and the tides were right we would head out fairly early in the morning to an empty beach on the Helford and cook breakfast. One morning my husband and boys went fishing and came back with freshly caught mackerel which we barbequed…that magic time of family, food, tide and weather…is what I would try and do again and again if I could.

Your books have been translated into Dutch, German, Portuguese, French, IMG_0379Estonian, Norwegian, Danish, Turkish, Swedish, Latvian, Serbian, Czech and Hungarian…that’s pretty impressive! How does it make you feel when you see them?

Liz: It astounds me when I think about it. Recently I have been setting up a proper study and began to shelve copies of my books and it gives me a thrill when I see the various editions.

 You have lived in quite a few countries over the years but your books always go back to Cornwall with an element of the US in them. How has being a global nomad influenced your writing, if at all?

Liz: I look on myself as being the ultimate outsider…I don’t belong but I know the area. I still see things differently because in many ways it’s still new…

Last time you were here, you were working on your next book, The Path to the Sea [due for publication by HQ, Harper Collins in April 2019], how is it coming along?

Liz: I’m close to reaching the halfway point of the first draft…soon the real work will begin!! The first draft is about getting the words down on the page so I’ll be taking this raw material and working it into a story that is the best it can be. IMG_0380

In the last interview, we discovered whom you would invite to your dinner party. This time, if you were marooned on a desert island, whom would you choose to be marooned with and why?

Liz: It would be my husband…he’s my best friend and I can’t imagine life without him.

~ Giveaway ~

To celebrate the release of One Cornish Summer in paperback, Liz Fenwick has asked her author friends to share their Cornish holiday memories on social media and she would like us to do the same!

To be in with the chance of winning a copy of the book and a bottle of Curio Rock Samphire Gin, head on over to Liz’s Facebook or Twitter page for more details and full terms and conditions of the giveaway.

~ Where to find One Cornish Summer ~

Goodreads            Amazon UK          Amazon US

~ About Liz Fenwick ~

img_0087Liz Fenwick, award-winning author, ex-pat expert, wife, mother of three, and dreamer turned doer, was born in Massachusetts, and at the age of twenty-six moved to London where she fell in love with an Englishman. After nine international moves, she now spends her time in Cornwall with her husband and her mad cat, writing stories inspired by the beautiful Duchy.

Find out more at, follow her on Twitter @liz_fenwick or visit her Facebook page

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