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#BookHaul: April 2017 – Part 2 #bookbloggers

I have never bought so many books in one month, as I did in April 2017 – 23!! Everywhere I turned, there seemed to be books on sale for bargain prices.

As 23 books are far too many to include in one post, I have split April’s book haul into two posts.

Part 1 includes books by: Isabelle Broom, Rowan Coleman, Liz Fenwick, Julie Wassmer, Mary-Rose Maccoll, L.S. Hilton, Tessa Boase (click here to read Part 1).

Part 2 includes books by:  Vanessa Greene, Charles Belfoure, Fanny Blake, Rowan Coleman, Melissa Hill, Amanda Prowse, Clare Jay, Jennifer Potter, Katherine Webb, Trisha Ashley, Carol Drinkwater, Markus Zusak.

~ Part 2 ~

2017-04-30 19.33.58

I was rummaging around in a clearance box in The Works and came across these two lovely books. I had heard of The Vintage Teacup Club, and it has been on my Goodreads To Read list for a while, but I had not previously come across The Paris Architect.


The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure

~ Book Blurb ~

In 1942 Paris, gifted architect Lucien Bernard accepts a commission that will bring him a great deal of money – and maybe get him killed. But if he’s clever enough, he’ll avoid any trouble. All he has to do is design a secret hiding place for a wealthy Jewish man, a space so invisible that even the most determined German officer won’t find it. He sorely needs the money, and outwitting the Nazis who have occupied his beloved city is a challenge he can’t resist. But when one of his hiding spaces fails horribly, and the problem of where to hide a Jew becomes terribly personal, Lucien can no longer ignore what’s at stake. The Paris Architect asks us to consider what we owe each other, and just how far we’ll go to make things right. Written by an architect whose knowledge imbues every page, this story becomes more gripping with every soul hidden and every life saved.

The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene

~ Book Blurb ~

At a car boot sale in Sussex, three very different women meet and fall for the same vintage teaset. They decide to share it – and form a friendship that changes their lives . . .

Jenny can’t wait to marry Dan. Then, after years of silence, she hears from the woman who could shatter her dreams.

Maggie has put her broken heart behind her and is gearing up for the biggest event of her career – until she’s forced to confront the past once more.

Alison seems to have it all: married to her childhood sweetheart, with two gorgeous daughters. But as tensions mount, she is pushed to breaking point.

Dealing with friendship and families, relationships and careers, highs and lows, The Vintage Teacup Club is heart-warming storytelling at its very best.



The Little Teashop of Lost and Found by Trisha Ashley

I just love this cover. Isn’t it gorgeous?! I’ve not read any of Trisha Ashley’s books before. I have read such good reviews of this book and all of Trisha’s other books. I will get around to reading it soon. 

~ Book Blurb ~

Alice Rose is a foundling, discovered on the Yorkshire moors above Haworth as a baby. Adopted but then later rejected again by a horrid step-mother, Alice struggles to find a place where she belongs. Only baking – the scent of cinnamon and citrus and the feel of butter and flour between her fingers – brings a comforting sense of home.

So it seems natural that when she finally decides to return to Haworth, Alice turns to baking again, taking over a run-down little teashop and working to set up an afternoon tea emporium.

Luckily she soon makes friends, including a Grecian god-like neighbour, who help her both set up home and try to solve the mystery of who she is. There are one or two last twists in the dark fairytale of Alice’s life to come . . . but can she find her happily ever after?

Wonderfully wry, heart-warming and life-affirming, Trisha Ashley’s novel is perfect for fans of romantic comedies. And it contains recipes!

2017-04-14 13.33.27

The Rose by Jennifer Potter

I have been interested in this book for a while now. So, when I saw it in the sale at my local Waterstones, I couldn’t resist it. The cover is a bit grubby and somewhat damaged but the book itself is in excellent condition. It was a steal at £5!

~ Book Blurb ~

Ever since Sappho planted roses at the shrine of Aphrodite, no flower has captured the imagination in quite the same way. Wherever it has grown, human beings have projected on to it their dreams and aspirations. Celebrated as a sacred symbol and as a token of womanhood, the rose unites Venus with the Virgin Mary, the blood of Christ with the sweat of Muhammad, the sacred and the profane, life and death, the white rose of chastity and the red rose of consummation. In The Rose, the acclaimed horticultural historian Jennifer Potter shows what, exactly, gives this most fragrant flower its potency in societies around the world. Beginning her story in the Greek and Roman empires, she travels across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas to unravel its evolution from a simple briar of the northern hemisphere to the height of cultivated perfection found in rose gardens today. Whether laying bare the flower’s long association with sexuality and secret societies, questioning the Crusaders’ role in bringing roses back from the Holy Land, or hunting for its elusive blooms in the gardens of the Empress Josephine at Malmaison, Jennifer Potter reveals why this flower, above all others, has provoked such fascination. This vividly written and lavishly illustrated book challenges many cherished beliefs about the rose. It looks set to establish itself as the definitive history of the Queen of Flowers.


The Only Girl in the World (My Love Story) by Carol Drinkwater2017-04-14 13.35.08

I am a big fan of Carol Drinkwater’s writing and have read many of her books (see blog post about The Forgotten Summer). When I saw this book on clearance sale in The Works, I had forgotten that she had written several books for Scholastic UK – The Only Girl in the World (My Love Story) is one of them.

~ Book Blurb ~

The Only Girl in the World is a gripping romance set during the First World War. Dennis is an English soldier fighting in the trenches of the Western Front. When he is on leave he meets Helene, and it’s love at first sight. But the shadow of the trenches hangs over him. His leave is over in a mere two weeks. When this battle is won; when this war is over, he says he will come back for her. Dare Helene fall in love with this foreigner? Will she ever see him again? Will he survive the trenches? The world can be ending around you, but if you’re in love nothing else matters…

2017-04-22 18.29.13The Book Thief: 10th Anniversary Edition by Markus Zusak

I started reading The Book Thief several years ago and I couldn’t get into it. After watching the film over Easter weekend, I have renewed vigour for the book. 

~ Book Blurb ~


1939. Nazi Germany. The country is holding its breath. Death has never been busier.

Liesel, a nine-year-old girl, is living with a foster family on Himmel Street. Her parents have been taken away to a concentration camp. Liesel steals books. This is her story and the story of the inhabitants of her street when the bombs begin to fall.


The 10th-anniversary edition features pages of bonus content, including marked-up manuscript pages, original sketches, and pages from the author’s writing notebook.


A Half Forgotten Song by Katherine Webb2017-04-30 19.34.27

Katherine Webb is another new author to me. I saw this book on clearance sale in a supermarket for £1.25 and I really liked the sound of the story.

~ Book Blurb ~

From the author of THE LEGACY and THE UNSEEN comes a powerful tale that explores the dark heart of love, and the shocking truths that dwell there.

1937. In a village on the Dorset coast, fourteen-year-old Mitzy Hatcher has endured a wild and lonely upbringing – until the arrival of renowned artist Charles Aubrey, his exotic mistress and their daughters, changes everything. Over the next three summers, Mitzy sees a future she had never thought possible, and a powerful love is kindled in her. A love that grows from innocence to obsession; from childish infatuation to something far more complex.

Years later, a young man in an art gallery looks at a hastily drawn portrait and wonders at the intensity of it. The questions he asks lead him to a Dorset village and to the truth about those fevered summers in the 1930s . . .



The Love of a Lifetime by Melissa Hill2017-05-01 12.02.25

I really enjoy reading Melissa Hill’s books and found this one on sale in my local charity shop. 

~ Book Blurb ~

Hollywood movies are Beth’s passion. She hopes her life will always be filled with ‘movie moments’, where things like serendipity and fate happen every day. Her boyfriend Danny has always been the embodiment of her perfect Hollywood hero – though after seven years together the initial silver-screen romance has settled into something more predictable.

And then, one morning at work, Beth receives an anonymous delivery of a take-out coffee cup with a cryptic message suggesting a meeting at Tiffany’s. From there, she is given a series of clues directing her to some of NYC’s most popular landmarks – a treasure hunt using unique rom-com-related prompts perfect for a movie-lover like Beth to decipher. And Beth is forced to wonder: has Danny realised their relationship needs a boost – or could it be that charming new work colleague Ryan, with his intense gaze, flirtatious smile and almost encyclopaedic movie knowledge, wants to sweep her off her feet? And how would she feel about taking a chance on a new leading man in her life?


House of Dreams by Fanny Blake2017-05-01 12.00.33

Fanny Blake is another new author to me and I am looking forward to discovering her books.

~ Book Blurb ~

At their family hilltop villa, Lucy awaits the arrival of her brother and sister for their mother’s annual birthday party. Although this time, their mother won’t be there.

Struggling at Malaga airport with her fractious four year old, Jo has already lost her case and is dreading arriving without its precious contents.

For Tom, returning to Casa de Sueños stirs up all sorts of memories – then a beautiful face from his past appears . . .

Over one long, hot weekend, past secrets will spill out as three siblings discover more about their family and each other in this gorgeous, warm and witty new novel from Fanny Blake.


2017-05-01 12.02.44Runaway Wife by Rowan Coleman

Rowan Coleman is another new author to me and I also bought: We Are All Made Of Stars and A Home For Broken Hearts in April. Runaway Wife was previously known as Dearest Rose.

~ Book Blurb ~

Perfect for fans of Jojo Moyes, Dorothy Koomson and Liane Moriarty, this is an uplifting and heartfelt novel from the author of The Memory Book, which was featured in the Richard & Judy book club 2014

‘I immediately read The Memory Book and it’s WONDERFUL … I’m so happy because she’s written other books and its so lovely to find a writer you love who has a backlist’ Marian Keyes

Sometimes you have to have the courage to start over…

Rose Pritchard has fled her home and her abusive husband with little more than the clothes on her back – and her most precious possession, her seven year old daughter Maddie.

But Rose does have one other thing left – a glimmer of hope that she can build a better life for herself and her daughter, whatever it takes…


Will You Remember Me? (No Greater Love Book 6) by Amanda Prowse2017-05-01 12.03.08

I have not read any of Amanda Prowse’s books and I am looking forward to reading them. This book is number 6 in the No Greater Love series. Oh well, I’ll have to buy books 1-5. Any excuse!

~ Book Blurb ~

How do you say goodbye to your family for the last time?

Poppy Day is thirty-two and married to her childhood sweetheart. She’s a full-time mum of two gorgeous children and loves her homely little cottage in the countryside. It’s the life she aways wanted.

But Poppy is so busy caring for others she hasn’t noticed how tired she is, or the menacing lump growing on her breast. It’s unthinkable that cancer could defeat such a strong and amazing woman. But life doesn’t always give you what you deserve…


2017-05-01 12.02.57Dreamrunner by Clare Jay

I’ve not heard of this book or Clare Jay. I saw this book on sale in Poundland. I’ve never paid much attention to the books they have on sale but I will in the future!

~ Book Blurb ~

When Olivia’s husband Carlos begins having violent nightmares in which he leaps, fighting, from his bed and rampages through the house, her family’s idyllic life in Lisbon is shattered. Things escalate when Carlos unwittingly injures Olivia and Leo, their seven-year-old son, and they can no longer hide the purple bruises staining their skin.

But what is causing the warm-hearted, gentle Carlos to have such explosive nightmares? While Leo retreats further into an imaginary world, it’s a question that sends Olivia – desperate to protect her son and rescue her floundering family – into the depths of her husband’s childhood, where she uncovers a secret so shocking it has held Carlos in its powerful grip for almost thirty years.

Click here to read Part 1 of April’s Book Haul.

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